Presentations & Consulting

I offer a wide variety of professional development to staff in my building and district, as well as to teachers in the surrounding communities. To view resources from these presentations, click on the links below. If you are interested in having me work with your school or organization, please email




What We Gained by Letting Go –  July, 2016 for the SAMR Conference and August, 2016 for 6-12 LMC Directors in U46

Embracing the Modern School Library – April, 2016 for the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools

Make Room for Makerspaces – March, 2016 for the Illinois School Library Media Assocation

We’re So Much Cooler Online – February, 2016 for K-12 LMC Directors in IPSD204

Micro PD: Small Doses of Learning with a Big Impact – 2015 ICE Conference

PD through Remind101 – 2013-2014 school year

Playdate DG 58 – January 2014

Joliet Catholic Archdiocese Tech Fest – March 2014

One thought on “Presentations & Consulting

  1. I am working with the Catholic Dioceses of Joliet and Chicago to plan a March Technology Day – similar to what you experienced last March in Joliet. Last minute, of course, but we are very open to a date between March 1 – 13 or March 23 – 27. Maryann Draudt from the Joliet Diocese recommended you. Sorry to disturb your holidays, but can you consider doing a keynote presentation?


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